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 THOR Professional Ranges and Hoods
  About THOR Kitchen® Professional Ranges, Hoods, and Appliances

Restaurant Style heavy duty oven door handle and Chrome metal knobs, Deep Porcelain top plate pans. Model HRG3618U shownHere at Dvorson's, we're excited about this new line of high quality stoves called THOR. We've been equipping kitchen's since 1953, and we've rarely been able to offer a value like this.

A well crafted import, THOR presents an opportunity for consumers to own a professional style stove with powerful output and hefty components at a price level we've never seen before. It's made in China with European and American components, like valves from Spain and igniters and thermostats made in USA -- our global economy coming together in your kitchen! These high quality components are surrounded by a high quality Stainless Steel exterior that provides both durability and beauty (304SS and 430SS grade stainless steel).

See our 30" model HRG3080U on display at our showroom and you will notice the heavy duty grates and the impressive four burner configuration on the top of the range. Up front, you've got 18,000 BTU burners for hot sauté cooking. Dual ring 15,000 BTU burners on the rear. The 36" equivalent model is the HRG3618U, which comes equipped with 6 burners, or you can choose the HRG3617U with 4 burners and center Griddle section.

The Dual Ring top burners are made in Germany. On medium and high, both inner and outer burners are on for even heat distribution. On low and simmer settings, you've got just the inner burner for ultra low simmering when needed. It'll come all the way down to 650 BTUs. The Single Ring sealed burners are made in Italy and feature high output options up to 18,000 BTU.

Dual Ring Burners from Germany

Thor GratesWe like the continuous center grate on the 30"er, which comes standard so you can slide pots and pans in all directions. Also impressive are the all chrome knobs and welded construction of the rear riser. This design is superior the competitors risers that have one big horizontal channel here -- you might drop something down where you can't retrieve it.

The ovens are impressively large and the infrared broiler doesn't hang down to hinder the height. It burns hotter than a tubular broiler with fewer BTU's and provides wider and more even broiling. There is also another 30" model with a tubular broiler (HRG3080U) for those who like a more traditional design.

They make the porcelain oven interior this striking blue color to contrast with food, and there are two halogen lights that are nicely recessed. The convection fan, standard on all models, even has a reverse direction function for ultimate heat control. The convection oven fans on THOR Professional Ranges provide rapid cooking ability by drastically reducing cook times, and also significantly improving energy efficiency.

Thor Oven interior

Above all, we love the simplicity of the THOR design. It is a fine alternative to competitors offering useless features like digital read-outs and computer circuit boards that require expensive repairs down the line or even disposal due to lack of parts availability.

Learn more About THOR Professional Ranges by watching this short video featuring THOR professional range model HRG3026U and other models, appliances and accessories available.

© Lyrics Copyright 2017 Dvorson's Food Service Equipment, Inc.
Here's our video about the stove called "Thor"
Taken in our showroom at the front of the store
We've sold a lot of stoves since 1953
and this may be the best value in our history
It's made of quality components from around the globe
without useless touch controls or a digital probe
The sealed burner set up is very easy to clean
deep porcelainized pans handle your messy scene
It's got dual ring burners for even heating
higher power ones up front that can take a beating
The oven is large and a striking blue
so it's easy to tell when your food's cooked through
You've got an infrared broiler that can really sear
with the convection fan located at the rear

Two halogen lights to enhance your vision
So your delicate baking is done with precision
The all chromed knob gives a commercial look
this stove makes you feel like a professional cook
The center grate is designed to perfection
so you can slide your pots and pans in any direction
We can also provide a matching vented hood
to remove the smoke and grease like you know you should
Go to thor-stove-dot-com to see the whole array
or come to our showroom on the dock of the bay
The shipping is free and they're ready to roll
customer service is our ultimate goal
You'll love the simplicity of the Thor design
and the prices are so low, it'll blow your mind
Thor Stove

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